In the first days of life the child remembers himself

In the first days of life the child remembers himself in my mom’s tummy and should make the handle to its head and the Pope as love draws in the legs and falls asleep almost instantly. So, if you put the baby in a small basket or baby bassinet that will remind him of his mom, he will sleep. This is one of the best methods for babies, effective enough in the first months of life that allows you to accustom the child to the regime from the beginning.
Basket for a newborn
Method # 2 To Rock
Favorite way Soviet mom, in my opinion, still works there are several options. You can choose a convenient or try different variations: on the handles, the cradle, the crib, the sling, on the fitball.

It is also an effective way for the little ones, it gives a feeling of comfort and security. However, when choosing this method, it is important to be careful – not you hit or pumped, unsuccessfully moved from his hands to the bed and everything – “our song is good, start again”. Well and will not prevent significant physical training mom
Rocking a newborn
Method No. 3-Feeding
To eat, to sleep: satisfy one need, you can switch to another. So often the kids fall asleep immediately, or even during feeding, especially those moms who is breast-feeding. First, newborns put a lot of effort to eat. For them it is hard work, and they have time to get tired. And secondly, after eating well and sleep. The main drawback of this method, the baby may Wake up when his shift or take the breast or bottle.

If you want your child to sleep more at night and faster in the evening fell asleep in the penultimate suggest feeding a bit for underfeeding, and before the main dream, to give to eat one’s fill. 3-5 days babies have already developed a certain mode. It is, of course, will change over time, but the main day and night sleeping it helps to leave virtually unchanged.
Feeding a newborn
Method # 4 co-sleep with mom and dad
More and more parents are choosing to use sleep with your baby. It is not surprising. It is convenient for mothers, especially when breastfeeding, and for baby. After all, mom is safe, and the mother’s heartbeat and the smell is soothing. This method works especially well for a night’s sleep and emotionally best for the baby. There’s a risk that the Pope, the idea may not like
Method No. 5 Lullaby
My mother’s voice the baby recognizes from birth, and with the month already and her scent. That is why someone else is so difficult to calm your baby. So, even if you have no “voice” you can’t sing and just chant “a-a-a-a-a-a-a”, the child will fall asleep fairly quickly. If to develop a child’s Association “lullaby = sleep” and add some security regime, success will be guaranteed.

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