Rosic may be Dario’s deputy

Pavel Vrba, coach of the team, has several options to put together the injured captain Tomas Rosicky on Tuesday’s final match of the European championship with Turkey and one of them is to shift Vladimir Daridy from a defensive position to the underworld. The midfielder Hertha believes that Czech footballers will fight for their leader, who can not start, as they did on Euro four years ago, when they won without home Poland and moved to the quarterfinals.

Or a similar position I played some matches.But the final decision is for the coach, “he said in an interview with journalist Darid, who instead of Rosicky played under the tip of the quarterfinals Eur four years ago with Portugal.

Replacing the captain is complicated. I> “We have to fight this. I believe that the coach finds a solution, incorporates players into it and we can do it. There are boys who are waiting for a chance and they have to take it, “said Darida.

” Of course, it is more enjoyable to get on with Rosa,We will be a bit short, but I believe we can handle it and we will fight for him to get as far as possible “, he added.

Four years ago, at the European Championship in Poland, Rosicky also wounded in the second match and the Czechs won without a win in the decisive match of the group 1: 0 over Poland.

“The beautiful match with Poland then fell to our advantage. We fought like a manchaft and fought for him to do something. Let’s hope that it will be similar on Tuesday to fight and fight, “said Darida.

He is glad that Rosicky will stay with the team until the Euro ends. “It is nice that Tomas stayed here and does not go to the beach for a holiday.It is worth it, which is good, “Darid said.

He appreciated that Rosicky and Croats were sacrificing for the team, which eventually cost him an injury. Format can fight beyond its limits. It is now for us to take it to heart, “Darid added.

The Hertha flipper does not even figure out the possible progress variants. ” I do not know how the other guys are watching, but I Not personally. I’m only counting on the fact that when we win, we should go down, otherwise it’s not worth the price, “he added.

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