Skënderbeu Korça – Dynamo Kyjev

Dynamo Kiev for the time being is filling the group B with paper assumptions, after four games played, he has ten points and has secured participation in the spring stage of EL. He currently has a five-point lead over Serbian Partizan and an unprecedented seven-point lead to the third Young Boys Bern. She needs to win in Korce to secure first. If Partizan does not defeat Bern in a concurrent duel, he will be the first to win the final two.

Dynamo beat the Albanian rival 3: 1 at the start of the group, and thanks to the well-managed second half, he beat all three points in Belgrade (3: 2). He then drew 2: 2 with Bern, then managed to make a taste, and from Switzerland he took all three points after winning 1: 0. Skenderbeu is on the other hand after two defeats and two draws in a complicated Betclic online betting free bet situation. Loss will mean the end, the draw will hold hope only if Partizan and Bern lose.

Corse does not even have to be a three-point success if the Serbian club defeats the Swiss team. “We certainly do not take this fight lightly, we have a secure procedure, but we would like to win in both cases, our main goal will be the first position, and if we do not win, we have a great chance to fulfill this task, but it will not be easy, Skenderbeu has its qualities , “said Dynamo Aljaksandr Chačkević.

He should have an almost complete choice, only a missing midfielder Bujalsky will be missing. In the domestic competition, the Kiev club won twice in a row, succeeding in Zirka 2: 0. Currently, he has a second place with thirty-two points. Chief Shakhtar Donetsk loses points four, but he has one duel for the opponent against his opponent. Korce has almost no competition in the highest competition this year, with eleven points being played after eleven matches.

In front of the second club, Flamurtari Vlora, is a remarkable seven points. At the European League, he had to pass through all four precursors. In the Unibet sports betting online main stage, he first succumbed to Kyiv, then with Bern (1: 1) and Partizan (0: 0). Three weeks ago he did not have a chance in Belgrade’s retaliation and lost 0: 2. He is not too good to be present in the league, since he did not score twice in succession when he split 1: 1 with Flamurtari and last time with Kamza.