The Greeks honored the legend that beat 80,000 spectators in front of Zidka

Not the result, but the circumstances of the match made sure to enter legends. It was playing for the first European Cup title to be won by Greece or Czechoslovakia.

And it was played between the stands of the ancient Panathinaiko stadium. There were 80,000 fans sitting there. Another 40,000 watched the duel stand or waited for the result in the neighborhood. No one has ever attracted so many spectators to the European basketball game.

Of course, these numbers can not be confirmed, so let’s talk about legends. The Guinness Book of Records records as the maximum number of 108,713 spectators in 2010. At that time, the Texas hosted the Dallas sports betting bonus All-Star Game NBA.

But the experience was not the loudest. “You did not really notice the neighborhood, because the stands were more distant from the pitch. In the hall there is a lot of humor.But when you look at the photos, they realize what it was like for a monstrous event, “Blažek described.

And why do we recall now? One of the leaders of the winning AEK – Georgios Trontzos – received the highest honors this weekend. His jersey with the number six headed to the ceiling of the Athens club lobby.

On 217 centimeters high Trontzos, the Greeks think of his first star pivotman. With basketball he started at YMCA Thessaloniki in 1959 headed for studies in America, worked at the famous Gonzaga University, which has been focusing on foreign players today. Remember the names of Domantas Sabonis, Przemek Karnowski or Killian Tillie. After returning from the USA, Trontzos headed to AEK Athens and helped him to five league bookmaker bonus titles (1964, 1965, 1966, 1968 and 1970).Exactly 50 years ago, the team led the European Champions League Final Four (today’s Euroleague).

However, the biggest match came two years later, against the Pragues. Despite Jiří Zídek he scored 24 points. But he did not decide on this result. They themselves got from the Czech sub-masters 31, but they could be happy.

Slavia VŠ Praha, today’s USK Praha, defeat did not hurt long. A year later, in Vienna, the Czechs played in the final of the PVP Soviet Dinamo Tbilisi. It is the only triumph in male European cups by Czechoslovak or Czech ensembles.