Thirty five Swedish striker

Former players Xavier Torres, Antonio Amaya Carazo and Jordi Figueras in court in Pamplona facing charges that they accepted 650,000 euros (currently 17. 5 million dollars) from representatives of Osasuna, who tried to rescue the highest competition. According to the court, there is evidence that former heads of the former Osasuna paid footballers Betis 400,000 euros to the penultimate round defeating Villarreal, and 250,000 euros to the final round just defeated the team from Pamplona. Matches and actually ended – Betis beat Villarreal 4: 3 and then lost 1: 2 with Osasuna – but Pamplona in the league as well lagged. He came down and Betis, who lost the chance to save it before. After two years of Sportingbet free bets online investigating judge indicted 29 suspects from the original 18 people, in addition to a trio of players most with ties to Osasuna. Among the eleven-exempt as a former captain of Pamplona Francisco Puñal or her current coach Petar Vasilyevich. Zlatan Ibrahimović showed in Thursday’s opening match 2nd round of the European League Against St. Etienne another of his great achievements. Thirty-five Swedish striker celebrated his first hat-trick in the colors of Manchester United and after winning 3: 0 likened his success to Indiana Jones, the famous film character archaeologist and adventurer. “Everywhere I went, I won, so I’m like Indiana Jones,” he laughed after the game Ibrahimović, who immediately after his summer arrival won with Manchester England Supercup and the end of the season would like to add another trophy. United advanced to the finals of the League Cup, are still in play in the FA Cup and the Europa League is one of the top favorites. “Anyone who knows me knows that I’ve played for many teams and everywhere I tried to pay absolute maximum. Each trophy is unbelievable for me, so if I win something with Manchester here, I’m extremely happy,” said Ibrahimović. Former player of Paris St. Germain confirmed that he was against another French team St. Etienne unusually successful. He scored against three of his 17 competitive hat-trick and overall he has scored 17 goals.

Score on Thursday opened touched by a shot from a direct free kick after the break added a second goal dorážkou up close and finally converted a penalty after he was fouled. “Every time I’ve played against St. Etienne and thanks to the hard work of prolific pair of goals. I believe that something similar will lead me next week, but I would not say that the matches with them somehow clamped,” said former player Malmo , Ajax, Juventus, Inter and AC Milan, Barcelona and PSG. Liberce enters the spring part of the league season to make the most of the opening three rounds to get back from thirteenth place to calmer waters of the table. Given the radical changes in winter cadre but also for trainer Henry Trpišovský difficult to estimate, in what form his team present. “It’s hit us Sportingbet sport betting a wave of departures and arrivals. We will focus on acceleration, whichever we’ll see how we, as the team managed to pass. It’s hard to estimate how fast we catch. I hope that in the first round well we launch, which would newly nascent helped the team, “he told ČTK Trpišovský. Liberec is about to glide fifteenth place ahead just two points. Spring starts at home with Zlin, then goes to Brno at home and will welcome last Pribram. “The first three rounds for us will be crucial because then we have a series of difficult matches – Plzen Slavia. We are focusing on the first three rounds, in which we would like to get as many points as possible in order to move away from the bottom of the table. The start will be very important, then either calm down or get into a worse position, “said Trpišovský. Liberec, who played in the fall of a core group of European League, met in the winter break large variation squad. It ended just twelve players headed key mainstays captain Lukas Pokorny, Jan Sykora midfielder and central defender David Hovorka, although that would spring missed due to injury, but he went to Sparta. Before the leadership managed to Sportingbet sport bet bring compensation had Trpišovský at the beginning of preparing a very narrow cadre. “I must say that at one time I really well it was not. We got two čtyřgólové direkt in Tipsport League from Jablonec and Boleslav, moreover, came departures Pokorny with Hovorka. Luckily then we got lucky Sportingbet sports betting online and managed to some players get, but the first part in January, it was probably the hardest time I’ve experienced in Liberec, “said Trpišovský on which to fall vainly sought Sparta. Twelve departures should balance the nine arrivals. Slovan involved Ondrej Kudela, Martin smoked, Milan Kerbr, returnees Miloš Bosančić, John Mikula, Radka Voltr, Roman Potočného, ​​Martina Graiciara and returned from hosting Michal Obročník. “Certainly we have done an interesting player and the team has potential. At some stages looks good and interesting. However, intervention in defense is noticeable. About the fourth gear defensively we were always in Liberec leaning betting site offers on her, we nabalovali offensive part,” said Trpišovský. “In some respects, the team stronger than the fall, players are more straightforward, on the other hand, there still is a lot of shortcomings. It seems that the current board at the base of six or seven new players, so it will take a while before she sits down,” he added coach. His charges have a chance to play in the European League Cup from home, where they have played one lap less. “There is still wrestling with Tábor. Of course, any chance in the cup, but on the other hand, there are strong teams like Slavia, Mlada Boleslav. There is certainly a priority for us to start the league,” he added. The second best scorer in the history of the US national team Clint Dempsey came after a six-month pause permission to pursue a career.