Czechs the Slovaks believe Pastrňák: Let’s fight it together

MONTREAL. Slovak hockey representatives to 20 years are already looking forward to Friday’s quarterfinals at the world championships in Montreal with a selection of Czech Republic. Both team is familiar with, users have come before the preparation of the championship in Peterborough, where Slovaks won 3: 1. The game is played from 23:00 CET.

Both teams confirmed their progress to the quarter-finals in their last matches in basic groups. The Slovaks should have confidence on Tuesday, the Czechs until the New Year. Slovak players have spent the last day of 2014 without fuss and in peace.

“The Czechs have a very good team with folded stars parsnips, crows and good are also hesitated and cereals. They receive personalized Kenya online sports betting to attack.In it they are very strong. We play well, they have improved.

They may have a psychological advantage, as clearly beat the Russians, but the chance to see the process as well. We have your strength and quality, “he told SZĽH coach Slovak selection in 20 years Ernest Bokroš.

” The first objective we process the quarterfinals met. All around us is a positive atmosphere and the whole team only strengthened. We have and this is very important. of course, the best potential of the trio would be Swiss, but we can not choose. it worked on Czech.We played with them in training, so we know how to play the system, “he said in an interview for web SZĽH Christián Jaroš.

Eighteen-year quarterback Swedish Luley is the sampling Ernest Bokros.

“The pace of the game is the tournament high, but when we compare it with the Swedish League, which is a bit faster. On the other hand, it is the Canadian and narrower rink so much time to maneuver the puck. Therefore, it is not necessary too long hold on the stick, but soon moved easily teammates forward, “he told eighteen Košičan.Pastrňák: The Russians we believed

This will be the eighth mutual duel of the two rivals in a large forum this age group over the past eleven years, all so far were marked by a clear direction Czech juniors.

“We simply said that it should be so. The Russians we believe. Poriadne we are prepared. We wanted them skyrocket, put the first goal, and we succeeded. I think we it had control throughout the match, “he told 18-year-old striker Boston Bruins in the NHL.

The mood in the Czech bet365 on smartphones team after a successful duel with the Russians before an important showdown significantly increased. “The Slovaks we have to prepare as much as the Russians. We need to play as a man.We tried it, it goes and we can win, “he added Pastrňák.

Czechs in the derby match had to move from Toronto to Montreal, the arrival of the new year have so missed enjoy.” The home the tournament organized so that it has been beneficial for Canada. I do not think it will be decisive. Before the match with Russia we were under tremendous pressure and we made it, “said the coach of the Czech Miroslav Přerost choice.

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