How did Pilsen push Táborsko? The favor helped the penalty and his own goal

“I think there were passages in the match when we were a balanced team in Pilsen. Then, fifteen minutes later, the guests were clearly dominating. But again we saw passages where Viktorka did not know how to defend us. But what’s going on in the network is playing. The boys played well, they showed good football and it is a pity that we did not show the spectators in the Pilsen network, “said Petr Frnek, Czech coach after the game.

As he promised before the game, The Synot League did not hinder.At the fourth minute, one of the home players leaned against the ball, and about twenty yards he sent to the gate of Pilsen, where Peter Bolek stood, a hard shot. At the twelfth minute, the audience was hiding his head in the palm of his hand, Tábor had promising chance chances. But immediately after a rapid counterattack, Michal Toma had to eliminate Pilsen’s attempt. However, Jana Kovařík did not reach Jana Kovařík in the 30th minute, sending the balloon around the home wall right into the top corner. The first half was the closest difference for Pilsen.

The second half started to play Jihočesa much more actively and until then a certain Pilsen defense, headed by Hubner, started to do more work.The direct kick did just miss, a few seconds later, with a clear chance to overtake the empty gate. It was the biggest chance of Táborska to score even if the referee gave the home team a direct kick from a promising distance and according to the majority of viewers also the possibility to kick penalty – Creating an Unibet account.

“Now it must fall there, it is not possible” The score was 62 minutes after the defeat of Josef Divíšek and with a penalty shot Ondřej Vaněk.

Eight minutes later, Ivan Cíferský did not agree with “We did not expect to get more, but the first goal was a fancy penalty, then a straight line, and for the third time, I did not agree with Tom.We, unfortunately, have a lot of digging to make a goal if we give at least some of the chances of starting the second half, so it will be fair. But it was a good match, Pilsen is somewhere else, even so we sometimes needed them, “said Cífersky, the loser at the end of the game.

At the end of the match, Táborsko wants to give Pilsen at least one honorary goal. The game was opened, so guests could have twice touched Tom. Their shots ended up on sticks. I Tábor has made a solid chance, but without a goal.

“The home team played well and not only in the second half, but from the very beginning. It was a classic cup match, when Táborsko had nothing to lose and everything went full.Although it was another match today than in the league, it was difficult, “Stanislav Tecl of Pilsen stressed.

Viktoria Pilsen will advance to the next round of the Czech Post Cup and its next opponent will be Hradec Králové. Táborsko fell, on Saturday, but on Na Soukeníku stadium will come to fight in the second league Opava.