Espanyol: Diego López: I do not think about vindicating myself

The Galician was one of the protagonists of yesterday’s game by stopping the possible 0-1 of Barcelona by stopping a penalty to Messi. Diego Lopez has acknowledged that the victory is a brutal emotional injection for the team, although he warned of the danger of the return meeting at the Camp Nou.

Triumph key

“It needed a joy of this caliber to continue promoting the project that is in this club.The derby is always exciting and more when in recent years almost all were lost.It was a game to remember and taste it.The fans were ten, as always ” .

Penalty to Messi

“It’s complicated, Leo is unpredictable, he has thrown them practically everywhere, my last two penalties he sent me to the left.On this occasion I tried to hold as much as possible to mislead him. I decided on the left because it is where statistically he has thrown more penalties. ”

Personal moment

” I do not think about claiming myself, everybody knows me, I’ve been in the elite for many years I try to do my work every day. My conscience is very calm and I am happy. ”

Quique’s approach

” It was very good. Last year we lost in an action that marked the match, his first goal. We wanted to reach the final minutes in the best conditions. We have a team with an impressive physical waste, our physical data are among the best in the league. The second part gained depth with the departure of Baptistao.We made a great defensive display. ”

Line ascending

” The dynamic is being very positive in the last matches and we want to extend it as much as possible over time. The team has suffered some ups and downs and live betting we are recovering the level, reliability and seriousness of last year. ”


” I am very happy for Oscar because it is an example of what It is this club. That a footballer who has started so young marks his first goal as a professional in a derby is a huge joy. He works very well, he has a lot of talent and we love him very much in the dressing room. ”

Barça, favorite

” Barcelona is still a favorite for me. It is a short result. Although it is a victory on a sentimental level, important against a great team. I had an unstoppable streak.There is another match in their field and we already know what they are capable of. Yesterday’s illusion and joy will not be taken away from us. ”

They will not come out to defend themselves

” If we do not mark things, they would be very complicated. We can make a goal. The Barcelona in its stadium has been in very few matches to zero. We have time to prepare and visualize it. ”

Complex return at Camp Nou

” We will have to suffer a lot. We are very excited in the Cup, this club is very happy. Last year we took a hard blow and this year since the first game in Tenerife we ​​have come out in another way. We’re going to do our best to get it. “